About Us

100% Mexican company

With more than 20 years of experience in the plastic industry in which we have expanded thanks to our quality and service. This experience and acquired quality has led us to know us throughout the Mexican Republic as well as in the United States and Ecuador where our packaging protects the final product of the client.

We are committed to the design, development and manufacture of plastic packaging which meet the broadest expectations in specifications and functionality required, serving various industries such as chemistry, plastic, food, ironmongery, textile, footwear, petrochemical, cement, food for animals, fertilizers and plastic resins.






Rybisa was born in 1996 and it has been established through the years as one of the leaders in the plastic industry. The continuous and healthy growth of the company has allowed the expansion and diversification of its facilities and the market it serves.


To be a leader in the manufacture and marketing of low density polyethylene bags oriented to a competitive market, offering quality products manufactured with cutting-edge technology and a team of plastic specialists that adapt to constant changes in the needs of our customers. We are committed to maintain, improve, guarantee the quality and reliability of the products we deliver to our customers.


Our goal is to be a reliable supplier in the manufacture of plastic packaging. Committed to our philosophy of just in time, which forces us to achieve a quality and total productivity of all our products and resources for the benefit of our customers.

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