3 exhibitions of the plastic industry in which you can participate.

3 exhibitions of the plastic industry in which you can participate.


Making the decision to participate in an exhibition should be aligned with your business objectives and brand positioning; Remember that it is also an opportunity to generate new contacts and strengthen relationships with your business partners. At this moment, in the industry, energy is generated. We list 3 of the most important national exhibitions for the plastics industry so you can attend to generate new business opportunities, expand your supplier portfolio and acquire machinery to modernize your company.

1.- Plastimagen México 2019
With 21 previous editions, it has become a benchmark in the sector attended by the largest and most important companies in the market; It is a space where the latest news and product launches are presented.
The event is relevant and participates worldwide, attended by more than 870 companies, 27 countries and specialized companies backed by the National Association of Plastic Industries in Mexico.
During 4 days, more than thirty thousand visitors are received interested in connecting with new brands, projects, products or services to provide their businesses and solve their needs in machinery, raw materials and plastics processing.

When? from April 2 to 5, 2019
Where? Citibanamex Center, Mexico City
Website: https://www.plastimagen.com.mx/2019/es/

2.- Plastics Expo 2020

This event has 13 editions and since it takes place in Guadalajara, a large part of its participants are from that area, one of the sectors that produce and consume the most plastic. At the national level, Jalisco contributes 6.6% of the GDP of the manufacturing industry.
As exhibitors, brands and key companies from the industrial areas of the Bajío and central regions of the country attend with which direct contact can be made, in addition to the fifteen thousand people with high profile and potential to purchase who attend as a general public.
With the same entry pass, you have access to the 4th. edition of Residuos Expo in which issues related to the management and handling of plastic waste are addressed to promote the circular economy.

It has a series of conferences and technical workshops as well as a Program of Qualified Buyers that can be accessed by customers with high purchasing potential, to enter the exhibition with paid expenses. 
When? From April 1 to 3, 2020
Where? Expo Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Website: http://expoplasticos.com.mx/2020/

3.- Expo Poliplast 2019

The highlight of this event is the diversity of turns that occur in the: automation, bioplastics, loans and financing, 3D printing, rotomoldeo, instrumentation and technology, to mention the main ones.

It is a recommended event for different sectors that handle plastics in their processes, for example, the agroplástica industry, packaging, packaging, furniture, food, automotive, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Expo Poliplast is focused on offering solutions by sector and turnaround in order to generate business appointments with clear objectives, in addition, it is carried out in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León, state that concentrates a large part of the total gross production and investment of the industry of the plastic of the country.

When? 21, 22 and 23 August 2019

Where? CINTERMEX Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
Website: http://poliplast.mx/


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